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  1924 - 1925 Season

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Before the 1924 - 1925 team had even played a game they were struck several blows. Team captain Victor Mann went to the hospital with a recurrence of a leg to see larger version of 1922 gopher hockey teamThree players, Cliff Thompson, Donald Bagley and Toby Chriss, were declared ineligible to play.  That left Coach Emil Iverson with goal guard Fritz Schade and captain elect Ed Olsen as the only veterans on the team.  Olsen was declared eligible to play shortly before the first game of the season.

The season started on Tuesday February 3rd when the Gophers swung into action against Marquette University in the first of a two game series.  The Gophers defeated Marquette in both games 3-0 and 2-0.  The highlights of the games were the consistent work of acting Captain Fritz Schade in the goal and the flashy work of center Ed Olsen and Ken Bros on the forward line.  Olsen had a great series, scoring a goal and an assist in the first game and both goals in the second game.  A crowd of about 500 witnessed the second game.

Probably the most exciting series of the season was that with the University of Notre Dame at the Minneapolis Arena, February 9 and 10.  Both teams went at lightning speed, and displayed what spectators conceded was the best collegiate hockey shown in the Twin Cities for several years.  Minnesota won both games 2-0 and 2-1.

The next games with the University of Wisconsin ended up being the only road series of the season for the Gophers.  The games on February 13 and 14 were a battle of coaching brothers, Emil (Minnesota) and Kay (Wisconsin) Iverson.  Minnesota won the first game 5-1, but in the second game of the series they were forced to play an extra period to nose out a 1-0 victory and keep their slate clean.

After not playing for two weeks because of forced cancellations of road games against Notre Dame and Michigan the Gophers played Michigan at home at the Minneapolis Arena on March 2 and 3.  This was also the return of team Captain Vic Mann to the Gopher line up.  Although handicapped by a steel brace on his leg, Mann displayed his old form.  The first game was a furious battle from start to finish.  The regular periods ended with a 1-1 tie.  Two ten minute overtime periods were played, both teams fighting desperately to break the tie, but uncanny work by the two goal guards resulted in the game ending tie.  The second game was nearly a repetition of the first.  Michigan won the game with a 1-0 score and allowed the Wolverines to claim the Big Ten title.  Incidentally this made the only defeat the Gophers suffered the entire season.  Don Bagley returned to the Gopher defense after being ineligible earlier in the season.  The Gophers were scheduled to go to Michigan the next week but the lack of ice in Ann Arbor canceled these games.

The 1925 season ended with a two game series with Wisconsin at the Minneapolis Arena March 13 and 14.  Gopher goalie George Reggan made his first start of the season in the first game of the series.  Minnesota won both games by identical 1-0 scores.

The full schedule and results can be found here.

Source: 1925 St. Paul Pioneer Press Newspapers and 1926 U of M Yearbook

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