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  Early Career Wins  (1922-1951)

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Listed below are Gopher goalies and their career wins for the years 1922 to 1951.  The total wins for these players were compiled from newpaper account and may not be completely accurate.  All games in a season may not be included in the information shown.  Some newspaper articles did not include any game statistics, so no statistics were recorded for that game.  As more information is gathered these totals may change as well as the players listed.

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Career Wins Name Years As Gopher
19 Thayer, John M. 1943
18 Falk, Martin L. 1939-1940
18 Joseph, Burton M. 1940-1942
9 Clausen, George E. 1931-1934
8 Jones, Howard R. 1931-32
7 McCabe, Robert 1944-1946
1 Anderson, Wilford A. 1931

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