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23 players played at least one game on Varsity this year.  Other players

If a player has more than one number listed, click on the players name to find out the years the player wore the number.

Number Name Position Hometown
18, 14 Buchan, Scott   W White Bear Lake, MN
17 Carter, James C.  D South St. Paul, MN
1 Docken, Ronald L.  G Minneapolis, MN
6 Dufour, Patrick   W St. Paul Park, MN
9 Fichuk, Peter J.  C International Falls, MN
3, 5, 2 Fraser, Donald J.  D Toronto, ONT, CA
8 Gambucci, Gary A.  W, C Hibbing, MN
14, 7 Hughes, Gregory A.  C, D St. Paul, MN
14, 13, 18 Jenke, Noel C.  W Owatonna, MN
12 Jesky, John   W St. Paul, MN
17 Johnson, James   C Minneapolis, MN
19 Klatt, William G.  W St. Paul, MN
16, 20, 14 Kurtz, Michael R.  W St. Paul, MN
21 McLachlan, Murray C.  G Toronto, ONT, CA
7, 4 Norby, Charles A.  W Grand Forks, ND
15, 10 Paradise, Lawrence P.  W St. Paul, MN
2 Paradise, Richard D.  D St. Paul, MN
10 Phillips, Tom   W Minneapolis, MN
14, 16 Roddy, David T.  C Bloomington, MN
3 Ross, Steven J.  D International Falls, MN
11 Shattuck, Robert R.  W St. Paul, MN
20, 5 Westrum, Patrick D.  D Minneapolis, MN
16, 11 Yurich, Richard J.  W Sault Ste. Marie, ONT, CA

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