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25 players played at least one game on Varsity this year.  Other players

If a player has more than one number listed, click on the players name to find out the years the player wore the number.

Number Name Position Hometown
34, 4, 8 Abrahamson, Brett   D Oakdale, MN
10 Anderson, Michael   W Bloomington, MN
19 Berg, Reggie   C Anoka, MN
33 Checco, Nick   W Bloomington, MN
22 Clymer, Ben   D Bloomington, MN
20 Crowley, Michael   D Bloomington, MN
35 Day, Erik   G Elk River, MN
35, 34 DeBus, Steve   G Rochester, MN
25 Godbout, Brent   W Woodbury, MN
28, 26 Godbout, Jason   D Woodbury, MN
9 Hankinson, Casey   W Edina, MN
29 Hendrickson, Dan   W Richfield, MN
24 Kohn, Bill   D Roseville, MN
7 Kraft, Ryan   C Moorhead, MN
12, 4 LaFleur, Brian   D Bloomington, MN
21 Lyons, Mike   D St. Paul, MN
31 Marvin, Willy   G Warroad, MN
14 Miller, Cory   W Bloomington, MN
13 Miller, Nate   W Anoka, MN
12, 29 Pagel, Rico   W Minnetonka, MN
27 Rasmussen, Erik   W St. Louis Park, MN
14, 17 Smith, Wyatt   C Warroad, MN
11, 33 Spehar, Dave   W Duluth, MN
15, 5 Trebil, Ryan   D Bloomington, MN
23 Woog, Dan   C South St. Paul, MN

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