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Videos From The Old Mariucci Arena  
Old Mariucci Arena
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Gopher Hockey History is a fan site dedicated to keeping a history of the University of Minnesota Golden Gopher men's hockey team.  Golden Gopher hockey has one of the greatest histories and traditions in college hockey.

If you're a Gopher Hockey fan, have you ever wondered where a player came from?  Where a player went to high school?  How many Gopher hockey players have come from Canada?  How many Gophers have their name on the Stanley Cup.  Was your uncle really a Gopher hockey player?  If you're not a Gopher hockey fan maybe you've heard of the team and are just looking for some information.

Hopefully Gopher Hockey History can answer some of those questions and help you find the information you're looking for.  We want to include the legends of Gopher hockey, the players that played on Junior Varsity or Reserve teams and even the guys that never played a game. Why include all those players?  Because any player that came to the university, even if they never played, is part of Gopher hockey history and it wouldn't be complete if we didn't include everyone.

Player information and statistics on this site were compiled from various sources.  By no means is our information complete.   This is definitely a work in progress.  We've made our best effort to ensure the information is accurate.  There may be mistakes and as we discover the correct information we will update the site.  Please bear with us.

This site does not criticize or analyze the University, its players or coaches. Sorry no message forum.  There are plenty of other sites that already do this.  Check out Gopher Puck Live or

This site is not affiliated with the University of Minnesota.

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