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  Paul Henning - Reflection  (2006)

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reflection by paul henning
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this picture will benefit the
University of Minnesota Men's Hockey program.
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". . . the aura of John Mariucci remained in every single part of that arena.  It's still there."
-Herb Brooks, 1988

Reflection is my first creation.  Mariucci (Williams) Arena is where I learned to love the game of hockey.  I knew that after the 1992-93 season the arena would be remodeled and become the Sports Pavilion.  So in February of 1993 I took a series of photographs from my seat.  I wanted to have something to show the arena as it was.  For many years I had the photos taped together to make a panoramic picture.

Fast forward to 2002, finally computer software had progressed to the point where I could take the taped together photos, scan them and “stitch” them together to create the seamless panorama I had hoped for.  In 2005 I totally redid the picture and added the image of Gopher hockey legend John Mariucci.

Edition Sizes
The lithograph print edition size is 7,449. This represents the attendance of the final game played in the old Mariucci Arena on March 14, 1993.

The canvas giclée edition size is 250.  This represents the month and year the first game was played in the arena February 1950.

For more information on this piece or to order your own copy, please check out Art Barbarians web site.

Limited Edition Lithograph Print, 7,449,  Image size - 8 X 34
Limited Edition Canvas Giclée - 250,  Image size - 12.5 X 54

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