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"The Barn"
goldy's perch
upper deck
banner wall
lobby / walkway
section of bench from old mariucci arena

Above is a section of bench and its brackets from the old Mariucci Arena.  The benches in the arena were painted both maroon and yellow.edge of bench from old mariucci arena  The bench above was removed in 1993 when the arena was remodeled into the Sports Pavilion.

Many people didn't like the bench seating and stayed away from the arena because of it.  But, the people that came to The Barn year after year were there to watch the Gopher's play and enjoy the excitement of college hockey, comfort wasn't a big concern.

Finding your seat proved to be difficult in the winter time, the fans and their coats would take up extra space.  You certainly got to know your neighbor pretty well.

The bench shown here measures 9 1/8" wide, 2 1/16" thick 5' 10 11/16" long.


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