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  Broadmoor Trophy Winners  1982 - 2013

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The Broadmoor Trophy is presented annually to the WCHA Playoff Champion.  In 1981 the trophy was presented to the league by the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort Complex of Colorado Springs, CO.

For the first three seasons (1981-82 to 1983-84) the Broadmoor Trophy was actually presented to the WCHA regular season champion instead of the playoff champion.  The MacNaughton Cup (presented to the regular season champion) could not be awarded to the WCHA regular season champion because Michigan Tech was not a member of the WCHA for the 1981-82 to 1983-84 seasons.

Below is a list of the all time Broadmoor Trophy winners.

Season School Coach
1981-1982 North Dakota   John "Gino" Gasparini
1982-1983 Minnesota   Brad Buetow
1983-1984 Minnesota-Duluth   Mike Sertich
1984-1985 Minnesota-Duluth   Mike Sertich
1985-1986 Denver   Ralph Backstrom
1986-1987 North Dakota   John "Gino" Gasparini
1987-1988 Wisconsin   Jeff Sauer
1988-1989 Northern Michigan   Rick Comley
1989-1990 Wisconsin   Jeff Sauer
1990-1991 Northern Michigan   Rick Comley
1991-1992 Northern Michigan   Rick Comley
1992-1993 Minnesota   Doug Woog
1993-1994 Minnesota   Doug Woog
1994-1995 Wisconsin   Jeff Sauer
1995-1996 Minnesota   Doug Woog
1996-1997 North Dakota   Dean Blais
1997-1998 Wisconsin   Jeff Sauer
1998-1999 Denver   George Gwozdecky
1999-2000 North Dakota   Dean Blais
2000-2001 St. Cloud State   Craig Dahl
2001-2002 Denver   George Gwozdecky
2002-2003 Minnesota   Don Lucia
2003-2004 Minnesota   Don Lucia
2004-2005 Colorado College   Scott Owens
2005-2006 North Dakota   Dave Hakstol
2006-2007 Minnesota   Don Lucia
2007-2008 Denver   George Gwozdecky
2008-2009 Minnesota-Duluth   Scott Sandelin
2009-2010 North Dakota   Dave Hakstol
2010-2011 North Dakota   Dave Hakstol
2011-2012 North Dakota   Dave Hakstol
2012-2013 Wisconsin   Mike Eaves

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