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Minnesota has played Fort William (Canadiens) 10 time(s) in their history and their overall record is 7-3-0.

Date Name Score Location
12/20/1946   Fort William (Canadiens) 3-2  Minneapolis Arena, MN 
12/21/1946   Fort William (Canadiens) 7-2  Minneapolis Arena, MN 
12/21/1948   Fort William (Canadiens) 5-6  Port Arthur, ONT, CA 
12/22/1948   Fort William (Canadiens) 10-3  Port Arthur, ONT, CA 
12/7/1950   Fort William (Canadiens) 0-2  Williams Arena, MN 
12/8/1950   Fort William (Canadiens) 4-5 ot  Williams Arena, MN 
12/7/1951   Fort William (Canadiens) 9-3  Williams Arena, MN 
12/8/1951   Fort William (Canadiens) 12-2  Williams Arena, MN 
12/11/1953   Fort William (Canadiens) 5-0  Williams Arena, MN 
12/12/1953   Fort William (Canadiens) 5-3  Williams Arena, MN 

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