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  25th Year of Gopher Hockey

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Coach:  Larry Armstrong  11th Year Overall record:  9-4-1  
Western Conference Record:  1-2-1   Western Conference Playoff:  No Playoffs
Date Team Score   Game Location Attend
12/5/1945    Minneapolis Millers  6-6 ot    Minneapolis Arena, MN  3,200  ex 
1/4/1946    St. James A.C.  2-7    Minneapolis Arena, MN    nc 
1/5/1946    St. James A.C.  4-7    Minneapolis Arena, MN    nc 
1/11/1946    Fort William (Columbus)  9-4    Minneapolis Arena, MN    nc 
1/12/1946    Fort William (Columbus)  9-4    Minneapolis Arena, MN    nc 
1/18/1946    Michigan  2-5  at   Ann Arbor, MI     
1/19/1946    Michigan  4-8  at   Ann Arbor, MI     
2/1/1946    Michigan  3-3 ot    Minneapolis Arena, MN     
2/2/1946    Michigan  5-2    Minneapolis Arena, MN     
2/8/1946    Michigan Tech  7-2    Minneapolis Arena, MN  1,500  nc 
2/9/1946    Michigan Tech  14-2    Minneapolis Arena, MN    nc 
2/15/1946    Michigan Tech  9-2  at   Houghton, MI    nc 
2/16/1946    Michigan Tech  6-2  at   Houghton, MI    nc 
2/22/1946    St. James A.C.  5-2  at   Winnipeg, MAN, CA    nc 
2/23/1946    St. James A.C.  4-0  at   Winnipeg, MAN, CA    nc 
ex=Exhibition, DOES NOT COUNT IN STANDINGS nc=Non-Conference

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