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  Gopher Players in The IIHF U20 World Junior Championships

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In the history of Gopher hockey there have been 85 players that have participated in the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) U20 World Junior Championships (WJC).

Some of the following Gopher players played in the WJC while they were still in high school.  While other players played after they left the Gophers.

First Previous Next Last
Year Name WJC Team Team Finish
2021, 2022 Faber, Brock USA 1st, 5th
2008, 2009 Fairchild, Cade USA 4th, 5th
2014, 2015 Fasching, Hudson USA 5th
2008 Flynn, Ryan USA 4th
2006, 2007 Frazee, Jeff USA 4th, 3rd
2005 Goligoski, Alex USA 4th
1981 Griffith, Steve USA 6th
2003 Guyer, Gino USA 4th
2005 Hagemo, Nate USA 4th
1996 Hankinson, Casey USA 5th
1978 Hartzell, Kevin J. USA 5th
2011 Haula, Erik Finland 6th
2009 Hoeffel, Mike USA 5th
1981 Huglen, Mark USA 6th
1980, 1981 Jensen, David H. USA 7th, 6th
1979 Jetland, James K. USA 6th
1991 Johnson, Craig USA 4th
2006, 2007 Johnson, Erik USA 4th, 3rd
2021 Johnson, Ryan USA 1st
1978 Joswiak, Paul R. USA 5th

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