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When a student athelete at the University of Minnesota earns their first varsity letter they become a member of the University of Minnesota "M" Club.  Every year since 1981, the "M" Club has accepted nominations for a "M" Club member to be inducted into the "M" Club Hall of Fame.

So far, there have been 47 Gopher hockey players inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Some players entered the Hall of Fame as a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient or for another sport they participated in while at the university.

Along with the 47 players, two other people associated with Gopher hockey have been inducted as Hall of Fame recipients.  In 2007, former Gopher coach (1966-1971), Glenn Sonmor entered the "M" Club Hall of Fame.  In 2010, former team physician (1958-1992) Dr. V. George Nagabonds entered the "M" Club Hall of Fame.

For more information on the University of Minnesota "M" Club or other "M" Club Hall of Fame members check out their official web site here.

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Year Honored Name Other Sports
1997 Anderson, Wendell R. Lifetime Achievement Award
2009 Antonovich, Michael
2002 Baker, William R.
2006 Bonin, Brian
1991 Brooks, Herbert P. Coach
2009 Broten, Aaron K.
1995 Broten, Neal L.
2013 Carter, James C. Football
2011 Crowley, Michael
2015 DePaul, Roland
2006 Dougherty, Richard Leo
2012 Erickson, Bryan L.
2004 Gambucci, Gary A.
2001 Graiziger, Robert A. Football, Baseball
2016 Harrer, Timothy S.
1994 Harris, John R. Golf
1996 Hubbard, Stanley Lifetime Achievement Award
1996 Jenke, Noel C. Football, Baseball
2000 Larson, Reed D.
2017 Leopold, Jordan

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