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In 1981 the WCHA was presented the Broadmoor Trophy by the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort Complex of Colorado Springs, CO.

Since Michigan Tech was not a member of the league for the 1981-82 to 1983-84 seasons, the MacNaughton Cup could not be awarded to the WCHA regular season champion.  Therefore, the Broadmoor Trophy was actually presented to the WCHA regular season champion for the first three seasons instead of the playoff champion.

In the history of the WCHA the Golden Gophers have won the Broadmoor Trophy 7 times, once as the WCHA regular season champion and the rest as playoff champion.  Listed below are the years the Gophers won the Trophy, their league record, points received, win percentage and Gopher coach.

To find out what other schools in the WCHA have won the Broadmoor Trophy check out this page.

Season Points League Record Win % Coach
1982-1983 37 18-7-1 .712 Brad Buetow
1992-1993 39 16-9-7 .609 Doug Woog
1993-1994 40 18-10-4 .625 Doug Woog
1995-1996 44 21-9-2 .688 Doug Woog
2002-2003 37 15-6-7 .661 Don Lucia
2003-2004 31 15-12-1 .554 Don Lucia
2006-2007 39 18-7-3 .696 Don Lucia

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