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  MacNaughton Cup Winners  1952 - 2013

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Listed below are the all time winners of the MacNaughton Cup.  This list mirrors the regular season champions page except for the 1981-82 through 1983-84 seasons.  Michigan Tech University left the WCHA for the 1981-82 season for the CCHA and since they're the trustee of the Cup, the Cup went with them.  When Michigan Tech returned to the WCHA for the 1984-85 season the MacNaughton Cup also returned.

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Season School Coach
1951-1952 Colorado College   Cheddy Thompson
1952-1953 Michigan   Vic Heyliger
1952-1953 Minnesota   John Mariucci
1953-1954 Minnesota   John Mariucci
1954-1955 Colorado College   Cheddy Thompson
1955-1956 Michigan   Vic Heyliger
1956-1957 Colorado College   Tom Bedecki
1957-1958 Denver   Murray Armstrong
1957-1958 North Dakota   Bob May
1959-1960 Denver   Murray Armstrong
1960-1961 Denver   Murray Armstrong
1961-1962 Michigan Tech   John MacInnes
1962-1963 Denver   Murray Armstrong
1962-1963 North Dakota   Barry Thorndycraft
1963-1964 Michigan   Al Renfrew
1964-1965 North Dakota   Bob Peters
1965-1966 Michigan Tech   John MacInnes
1966-1967 North Dakota   Bill Selman
1967-1968 Denver   Murray Armstrong
1968-1969 Michigan Tech   John MacInnes
1969-1970 Minnesota   Glen Sonmor
1970-1971 Michigan Tech   John MacInnes
1971-1972 Denver   Murray Armstrong
1972-1973 Denver   Murray Armstrong
1973-1974 Michigan Tech   John MacInnes

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